Frequently Asked Questions

How is the versatile sewin different from a traditional sew in?

The traditional sew in can be pulled back into a soft flat low ponytail. The Versatile sew in is more versatile, can ce pulled up, pulled back, and into half up half down styles.

How do I add on services?

When selecting your desired services the appropriaye add ons will be made available to select.

Do I need a consultation?

Micro links, braidless sew in, and some other services (read all descriptions when booking) do require consultations. This is not optional. If you do not prefer to have a consultation you make book other services such as sew in, or silk press so that we can become acclimated as client and stylist and I can develope a relationship with your hair and scalp.

Which services require a consultation? Why?

Micro links and keratin strip extensions BOTH require consultation. Qulifying for these services have nothing to do with texture, as all textures are elgible for this service. This is more to assess length, texture, and density of your natural hair. Book your consultation today to see if you are a candidate for these services.